Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 23

Rise and Shine

Both boys are at sleepovers….and it is the Sunday before Christmas with no events.   Yaaay, I can sleep in today!

But you know what time I woke up?

I wish I could explain why.  My brain just didn’t want to sleep.
I stayed in bed for a while, but eventually gave up.

So, I washed my sheets and ordered groceries.  I’ll start cleaning my crazy messy house after I finish up this email.  Maybe I’ll try a cup of coffee.  Man I miss it!

I know I can have one cup…I miss it because it still tastes terrible.

Honestly the quiet early morning is really nice.
Just me…baby bump…Diesel and Daisy (the dogs) and Dolly (the rabbit).

After the holidays I have 2 things I want to talk to you about.  First… we found out the gender of the baby and I’m excited to tell you soon!!

And second…I need to talk about food.
Mine hasn’t been good enough.  Not even close.  Listen, I’m not just complaining about the holidays…or food aversions because I’m pregnant.  I’m serious.  I’ve dropped a few balls these past 6 weeks…the basic ones….important ones.

I don’t feel as good as I could because of it and I want to change that.

I’ll tell you more about it after Christmas…but telling you makes me accountable to get my butt in gear.  Already on the right track with ordering groceries at 6am.  Immediate action is my favorite.

Until tomorrow.