Cookie Monster

Every time I open my pantry I think I want a cookie.

I don’t always get a cookie…most of the time I don’t…but because they are there I think I want one.

When I open my fridge I don’t think, yup I want an egg.
Funny how our brains are drawn to sugar.

I’m not in to all or nothing challenges or big sweeping promises that you can’t keep.  But… I 100% plan to all but eliminate refined sugar after Christmas Day.  In fact I am looking forward to it.

For me eliminating it means removing it from my house.   My house is my sanctuary and I don’t feel like utilizing willpower every time I open the pantry.  That is exhausting.

But….2 cookies are not a good breakfast, healthy snack or even a useful treat before bed.   They aren’t a good before bed treat, because I generally feel unsatisfied after a cookie or two.  It’s like a threw it down the abyss of nothingness.  I could eat 20 more if you let me.

Is this tiny baby growing inside me a cookie monster or are you struggling with sugar too?  Let me know!!!

Until tomorrow….

P.S.  I am headed to a cookie decorating party this morning with friends 🤦🏻‍♀️.