Pillow Fail

I overslept this morning because I was having crazy dreams.

I am a side or stomach sleeper.  But, I am just now at the point where sleeping on my stomach doesn’t feel good.
Despite my pillow fortress, somehow I ended up on my back, which for me is a recipe for bad dreams.

I have no idea why I have bad dreams when I sleep on my back.  But I do.

I had a dream I forgot to nurse the baby for like 3 days after he/she was born.  We were feeding the baby with a bottle and then I realized, crap, I didn’t start nursing.

Then I tried and it wouldn’t work.  My boobs were giant and hurting but not doing anything.

Then I couldn’t find the baby because he/she kept changing shape and shrinking.   There was stuff all around me and I kept losing him/her.

It was not a good dream.  I don’t even have anxiety about nursing or at least I didn’t think I did.

What the hell subconscious brain!

Until tomorrow,