Ice Chips Anyone?

Today is Logan’s 10th birthday.   10 years ago, early this morning, I had Logan after 44 hours of labor.

Yup 44 hours of labor in a Naval Hospital on my back, overly medicated, with no food, only ice chips and a very stressful experience for me, Josh and my mom.

It was one of those scary medical situations where you feel like you are “nobody’s” patient.  If you haven’t felt like that, I hope you never do.  Especially for a first baby, you seek reassurance and confidence that the medical professionals are monitoring your progress and actually care about your outcome.

I’m not saying I wasn’t monitored or nobody cared, it just felt like that. And that is a terrible feeling.

But, Logan was born absolutely perfect.  It ended up fine.
And today, I am a decade older, pregnant with #3.
25 to 35.

I wonder if age gives you the kind of resolve and information to not feel so helpless and vulnerable during birth… or any medical situation for that matter?

In some ways I’m sure it does.  But then maybe… so much is out of your control?

Just something I think about.

Well, for today, I am so happy to celebrate my wonderful Logan’s birthday.  My sweet baby is 10!

Until tomorrow,