Snakes on a plane


Had a few “big contractions” last night that woke me up.  I put my watch on to see if it would start happening regularly, but then went back to sleep.   My body is pretty exhausted these days which makes it slightly easier to just resign myself to waiting.  No active labor.

Yesterday I tried a few things to get labor going…walked 2.5 miles…worked in the yard a ton… and did something called the Miles Circuit.  Miles Circuit is basically a series of positions that line up the baby to drop even lower into your pelvis.  Not sure how that is even possible because I swear she could reach her hand out and wave to me if she wanted.

Every day I am pregnant I lose more and more filter.   I am more honest, a little bitchier and definitely have a worse sailor mouth.  I rarely curse at my children and the other day I about shocked myself when I told Logan to give Henry the mother f*%$’ in phone.
Just call me Samuel L Jackson.

I think he was shocked too, so he did it.  I guess it was effective.

Maybe you lose your filter so that when you actually go into labor you are truly in “I don’t care” land.  As far as labor goes, that might be the best place to be.

So… I guess that is a disclaimer for any of my Fit Me Nutrition clients I talk to in the days ahead.  I want to apologize in advance if I tell you to drink your mother f&%#’ in water or eat your bleeping protein.

I swear I still love you.

Until tomorrow,