Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 18

Backwards Brain

The tree removal people are coming today.  Finally!  The giant tree that blew over in the windstorm Friday night remains balanced against the shop/apartment.

They are going to cut it into pieces to get it down.  It takes finesse to not cause additional damage in the process.  I have no idea how they will do it.

I’ll keep the wood pieces so that if we lose our heat pump again at least we can build a fire outside.  Just kidding.

Truly though, we are looking at a wood stove to have as a backup heat source…so the wood may be helpful in future winters.

Construction projects or moving large things has always amazed me.  I am about as far from an engineering brain as possible.  I can’t imagine how pieces fit together much less move.   Although I took my fair share of engineering and math courses at the Naval Academy it was an uphill battle.  My brain just doesn’t work like that. #fixedmindset lol

Anytime I fix anything around the house it feels like a huge win.  Once Josh and I had a contest for who could put together 2 ikea shelves faster.  I got a 10 min head start.  Not only did I lose, but I did mine backwards, so he had to redo it.  You’re welcome.

I’ll post some pics later of the tree removal.  Should be cool.


P.S.  I may not be able to remove the tree or fix the fence or roof…but I am building a baby.  That’s cool 🙂