Where are you toes?


I think my body loves to “pretend” to be in labor.  I basically have all the signs of labor without the “active” labor part.  That’s ok… I know it is part of the process of getting ready.  Maybe it will make baby girl’s actual arrival a little easier….or maybe just a little faster. 🤪

Josh made it to his ship in Virginia.  When I go into labor for realz…he gets to come back.  Nebulous I know.  It is for me too.  My other update is Daisy’s pneumonia is getting better.  Thank goodness.

So yeah…those are my 3 updates…no baby yet, Josh completed his cross country drive and Daisy is doing better.

Both boys’ football teams made it to the championship games, so after CrossFit this morning, that is my plan.

Maybe CrossFit plus watching football will equal baby time?

Honestly…it’s probably a little better if she waits until tomorrow.  Regardless of when she comes, I anticipate Josh won’t be able to transit cross country in time for the the birth…depends on how long labor is.   Don’t worry…this is part of the plan and is ok.  I am excited to have him here after.

So…my good friend and doula Rachel will be my birth buddy….and she is a fireman… and on duty until tomorrow morning.

Ok… more updates tomorrow.  Have an amazing Saturday.


P.S. At crossfit this morning they are gonna give people the option to strap a medball to their bellies and do the workout with me.  If you want…you can do the same!  You don’t necessarily have to go to CrossFit either…just give it a try grocery shopping or putting on shoes…or shaving your legs….good luck. hahaha.