I kind of thought last night might be baby go time… lots of contractions…achy deep pain…trouble sleeping…but nope…no active labor.

I’m actually currently still having them.  But baby girl must be content on the inside.

It’s like I am teetering on the edge and my body is like…maybe….maybe…maybe….nah let’s wait.

Maybe instinctively I am waiting for Josh to finish his cross country drive.  He is on day 4 today and should arrive in Norfolk tonight.

I’ve heard your body tunes in to your subconscious and being worried or stressed will turn off labor.  I don’t think that always is true…but maybe when you are on the tight rope like I am…it keeps you pushed to one side.

A little update on Daisy…. she has doggy pneumonia.  The poor girl.  She is on a few medications and the coughing has slowed, but I know she doesn’t feel well.  At least she seems more comfortable and isn’t vomiting all over the house anymore.

So..because I barely slept, I am skipping Crossfit this morning.  Maybe I’ll do a walk later today…

Until tomorrow,