Who is yacking?


I am currently sitting on a yoga ball at my desk.  It’s 5:17am and much earlier than I wanted to wake up.  Exactly zero dogs or kids threw up or did anything weird while Josh was home.  So seems kind of funny to me at 430 this morning Daisy started throwing up….everywhere.

Her heaves are what woke me from the bed, but honestly I didn’t sleep well last night due to contractions and aches.  I don’t remember this with the boys…but I am pretty sure this is a few days worth of early labor.  Today is my last “group” pre-natal appointment and I think I am going to ask the midwife to check me to see if I am progressing.

The big obvious sign of progress is that baby girl has dropped way low in my pelvis.  Like way low.  Yesterday I did a modified “Murph” workout for memorial day and the hardest part was the 2 miles of walking.  Having a 7-ish pound baby push against your pelvic bones is not the greatest sensation.  It feels a little like she could just fall out at any minute.

Every day this week is a mountain of “to do’s.”  With Josh en route to Virginia I sort of planned my week this way.  What I didn’t plan for was having the baby early which seems more and more likely.  Josh made it from Lake Stevens, WA to Billings Montana yesterday.  If all goes well, he should arrive on Thursday evening.

As far as my “to do” list, I am going to continue with my strategy from last week.  Priority items first…not an endless to do.  A precise list of what needs to be done because it is a priority.  Everything else can wait.

Until tomorrow.