False labor


Josh has been home for 8 full days.  Honestly the adjustment has been far easier than I expected.  It feels amazing to have him around.  He helps with the boys, does projects around the house and rubs my very pregnant back.  I can finally talk to him about my day…it’s amazing.

Monday he leaves to drive to Virginia.  Remember his ship was “home port shifted” from Washington to Virginia during deployment.   He will fly back the minute we know I am going into labor and will have another 14-17 days at home with us.

Speaking of labor, two nights ago I experienced what I’m guessing was  false labor.  Contractions started at around 630pm and went every 8-9 min until about 3 in the morning.  They were uncomfortable and not like the braxton hicks squeezes that have been more common these last few weeks.

But they eventually stopped and I fell asleep.  It was a good wake up call that, at this point, baby can come any day.   Ideally baby girl will not arrive during Josh’s cross country drive, which is about the only time that it would be pretty tricky for him to fly back.

But if she does, we have our plan… my doula and friend will be with at the hospital and my mom will watch the boys.  He will come back as soon as he can.  Easy day.  Maybe not the labor part though haha.

Although I am approaching the day without mandatory expectations, I am hoping to experience her birth without pain medications or extra medical interventions.

For both boys I was induced and on an epidural…so this will be quite different.

I plan to deliver in a hospital, and of course my health and baby’s health comes first. If I need medical help I will gladly take it.  But, I am optimistic that I will give birth the old fashioned way….

For now, I will continue to prepare my body.   Off to CrossFit’s 830 class this morning and then a restful Saturday with the family.

Until tomorrow.