Baby on the mountain


The boys are camping.  I came home to sleep in my bed with all my pillows.   I didn’t tap out on camping, this was the plan.   I went with them for the day to hike and hang out by the campfire.   We hiked about a mile…1/2 in and 1/2 out… on a moderate trail.   I was pretty pleased with myself, but at the end of the mile felt done and ready to rest.  It was just the right amount.

Josh seemed anxious and stressed the entire hike.  I’m sure he had no desire to meet his baby girl on the side of a mountain.   He was a good sport though and allowed me to enjoy my last hike before baby.

I am definitely at that stage where I am excited to not be pregnant anymore.  Sitting up is impossible, breathing is hard.  I have to pee 1000 times/ day.  I’ve just started to notice a little swelling in my hands and face… not a lot…just that end stage puffiness.  Literally none of my clothes fit.  I’ve been craving sugar…not like cake… like real sugar.  And if I have a piece of candy or a sip of Root-beer or Ginger Ale it tastes like heaven.

I had both Logan and Henry at 39 weeks.  That blows my mind a little bit because that is days away…not weeks.  I’m going to be 100% honest…I don’t know that I will believe she is real until I am literally holding her in my arms.  It’s a strange feeling.

Right now it still seems like a giant wiggly watermelon in my belly…not a baby.  When do the “about to have a baby” feelings replace the “give me some candy” ones?

Until tomorrow.