White space…not white noise.


Two days in a row I am starting this email with I’m tired…but I’m suspicious this is the stage of pregnancy I am in.  The more I sleep the more I am sleepy.

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant.  According to my pregnancy apps the baby is 6-ish pounds and running out of room.  She is practicing breathing and lungs are maturing more and more each day.

I feel giant.  Physically things are pretty tough right now and the Braxton Hicks contractions are becoming more common and a little stronger.  Also “normal” according to my app.

There are still a few “baby” things I need to do, first of which is to pack my hospital bag.  We are also going to install the carseat in the jeep.  These 2 items are on my mandatory list for today.

Speaking of mandatory, yesterday I implemented my priority strategy and it really worked.  I gave myself 2 things that had to be accomplished for Fit Me Nutrition and a designated amount of time to do them.   I got them done.  I’m going to do the same thing today.   No wasted time…priority items only.  Get them done and do them well and enjoy the rest of the day with Josh.

My email from yesterday was really important.  I’ve decided that this isn’t just a “time with Josh” or “new baby” strategy.  Considering priority tasks each morning, getting them done in a set amount of time is going to free space in my day.  Not for more obligations…but for less.

Organized is great.  I am good at that.  But deliberate and precise…that is another animal.  If you didn’t try this yesterday, consider it today.  If you only gave yourself 2 hours to accomplish your “work” for the day, what needs to be prioritized.  Get that done.

Then step 2 is…the other stuff that “fills” the work day…question it.  Is it important?  Is it necessary?  Do I need to do it?  Why is it on my schedule?

Let’s all create some “white space” in our days.  Let me know if you are trying this and how it is going.

Until tomorrow.