Busy or…


I woke up this morning tired, I could have stayed in bed for a few more hours.  But I wanted to get some work done before everyone got up.   Plus Bonny was whimpering so it was time to rock and roll.

My schedule is mostly free today.  I did this by design so could I be flexible and hang out with Josh.  But as I think about what I want or need to get done today for Fit Me Nutrition, I realize I struggle with taking a step back.  I feel anxious because there are a million things to do.

I love coaching and I love my team.  I love my 8 week group program and my pregnancy program, both of which need my attention to be ready for the next few weeks.  My clients are amazing and I WANT to reach out and support them.

I am blessed that I love my work, but I also recognize I work a lot.  But here is a thing that popped in my head this morning.   If I only gave myself 2 hours today…only 2…to complete what I need to do…what would I prioritize?  What if I only gave myself 1?

What is one thing I can do to move the needle?  Not how much work can I do efficiently…rather…what is the most important thing?

Huh.  None of this is new I guess.  “First things first.” is a phrase I’ve heard many times.  But I don’t know if I really put it into action on a daily basis.  I don’t wake up and consider how to prioritize my day…not just organize.  I rarely eliminate non essentials… I typically work hard and take pride in my stamina and structure.

But the downside is…there is always more to do and sometimes that feeling haunts me.

But with Josh home this week, it is like practice for baby.  I don’t have the luxury of wasting time.  I need to consider daily what truly requires my attention.  I am 37 weeks tomorrow.  Baby girl will be here soon.

Do you prioritize your day rather than organize it?  Do feel like you are so busy, but you aren’t taking a moment each morning to clarify what you need and want to do?  I am guilty.

If you want to start doing this with me daily let me know.  I am going to spend 5 min each morning doing it.  Then I won’t have a million things to do.. I might have 2 important things…anything else is a bonus. 

Until tomorrow.