ET…and he’s home.


It’s a little bit of a blur.  Thursday afternoon the boys came home from school and worked on posters for Daddy.  They skipped football practice because they were too excited.   They must have asked a million times when we were going to leave for the airport.  The answer was 930pm.

Around 630pm, Henry alerted me to the fact that there were 6 Office episodes left of time before we left to get daddy.  I thought that was a hilarious thing to say.

On the way to the airport, Logan had me stop so we could buy some Reeces Pieces…Josh’s favorite candy.  The weather was super crappy and dark.  It wasn’t long before the boys were asleep and although I was as excited as they were, I was on the driving struggle bus.

With only a few hours sleep the night before, plus dark, plus rain, plus 36 weeks pregnant…the hour drive felt like an eternity.  It was hard to see and my audio book episode wasn’t helping.

So I did what anyone would do in my spot…I ate Josh’s candy.

The sugar boost helped and the drive went faster as I imagined myself as some pregnant version of E.T.

It took us a while to find Josh out of the correct security exit…but when we did, our reunion was as you would imagine, tears and hugs and small talk.

For the last 2 days, we’ve been getting reacquainted.  All of us.  But it has felt easy and safe and like a huge relief.

It feels odd to have someone help me sit up, close the car door and remind me to rest.  Josh told me to take a nap and I did it… the first nap I’ve taken in 8 months and I’m not even kidding.

Our plan for Sunday is nothing… maybe to work on some plants, go for a walk and make some food.  So simple, so happy.

Until tomorrow.