It’s 330 am.  I am awake.

I have heartburn and the baby is awake inside my belly…but I’m sure I’m up because today is a big day.

Funny enough… I really don’t think I will believe Josh is home until he literally is in sight.  In fact, yesterday morning the Navy made his return day a big question mark.   Without too many details, administratively the Navy leaves a lot to be desired and despite promising plane tickets home to many sailors on his ship, dropped the ball and didn’t book them.

Then… when they decided to book them, said flights wouldn’t happen until Saturday or Sunday.

I mentioned it in a past email, but we actually purchased a ticket home for him about 8 weeks ago, but cancelled it because the Navy said they would do it.

Frustrating and stressful.

I am a veteran and it still feels oddly unpatriotic to complain about the Navy publicly…but for those of you that have served or been married to someone in the service… you know that behind the fanfare and patriotic duty is a giant bureaucracy filled with archaic rules and backwards logistics.

As a military we excel both in technology and the quality of our service members.  But unfortunately,  in reality “needs of the navy” and “support of the mission” regularly get blurred with incompetence, administrative red tape and illogical decisions.

If Josh didn’t make it home today, it wouldn’t have been in support of his mission.  It would have been because someone dropped the ball. My boys would have missed 3 additional days with their dad.

Which is a hard pill to swallow after a 7 month deployment.

So in my world, we just take one step after another.  Yesterday morning was a scramble, but I booked an expensive last minute ticket home that arrives in Seattle at 1030pm tonight.

The boys spent hours last night building Josh a Lego ship and helicopter.  They are nervous and excited and building is their way of preparing and showing their love.  They didn’t know anything about the plane ticket issue.

So if all goes well, we will pick him up tonight at the airport.  I will post updates on my instagram story if you want to follow along.

I am going to try to go back to sleep.  If I don’t sleep, by tonight I’m sure I’ll be exhausted.  Wish me luck that sleep will overpower anticipation and nerves.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  Ultrasound went well.  Baby girl is head down and has dropped lower into my pelvis.