Quick update. The plumbing situation is fixed.  Monday morning they came and pumped the clog from the septic system, fixed something with the filter, and now there is no disgusting poop water in my shower.


Josh will either be home very late tomorrow night or sometime Friday.  I don’t know because the Navy hasn’t bought his plane ticket home yet.  I guess they figure waiting until the last minute will make it easier on everyone…so yeah…good call Navy.

I had my 36 week check up yesterday and all is measuring well.   Today I go for a quick ultrasound to be sure baby girl is head down.

Bonny is getting her first grooming today (just a bath and brushing) so she is fresh and clean and ready meet Josh.

The boys and I will likely also shower too. Haha.

I think all of us are anxious.  Me…the boys…Josh.   This particular deployment has been long and a lot is different.  I am also anxious that when he leaves to head back to Virginia, his return will be when I’m in labor.   That is a strange thing to think about because believe it or not, it isn’t super real yet that I am having a baby.

Oh last update… yesterday I went to Crossfit class and struggled to swing a 35# pound kettlebell.  My arms didn’t fit around my belly and I couldn’t get the weight to swing correctly.  I modified the exercise to something else, but it was humbling.  I also felt weird squatting the weight.  Felt like baby was pushing her way out, so I switched to an air squat.

Workouts are challenging but good right now.  Each one is a victory.

I’ve decided I will keep that mindset even after baby is here.   All workouts and good food choices are victories.  Little wins that I will add up to maintain my fit habits through a challenging but good season.

One day I’m sure they will be routine again, but until then… I plan to celebrate every action I take to support my body and fitness.  You should too.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  It just occurred to me that I have been subconsciously doing this for a while now.  At the end of every workout or walk, I take a picture and post it to my instagram.  I never used to do that.  Maybe it has seemed odd to people who’ve known me for a long time.  But I know right now I need the celebration…it keeps me accountable and feels good to share.  Maybe try it as a strategy for you too if things are mentally or physically tough.