I can smell again!  Finally, after almost 2 weeks, my sinuses are clear enough to smell.

You know what I smelled yesterday?

A giant tree.

Yeah, my excitement for the day was a giant tree blew down on to our shop/detached apartment.

Friday night was a crazy bad windstorm and the wind blew hard enough to uproot a huge tree.  The root bed lifted from the ground destroying the fence next to it and sending the tree onto the building.

I’ll post a picture to facebook today if you want to see it.

Luckily my mom wasn’t in the apartment and it seems to only be external damage to the building.  But we won’t know until the tree service comes Monday and insurance sends their people.

It definitely could have been worse.

Despite the tree, I still got a workout in, took the kids to finish their holiday shopping, took them to lunch, and had a relaxing evening at home.

I just figured, I can’t move the tree….
might as well have a good day.

I’m just grateful it wasn’t one of the monster trees behind our house.  Nature is humbling.  Even the wind can change the literal landscape around our fragile little structures.

Until tomorrow.