Mother’s Day Simple


It’s Mother’s Day.  I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a nice blanket, drinking coffee.  It is cloudy and I am grateful because I got super sun burnt on Friday, then I overheated on Saturday watching the kids’ football games.   I wore pants to cover my sunburn but ultimately the 85 degree heat cooked me.  It stinks to be so vulnerable.

I would love to do some outside stuff today, so I am happy it is cool and overcast.

My workout for the day is to push mow the lawn.  At 9 months pregnant, this is a pretty challenging workout.  As good as any CrossFit sled push in my opinion.. lol.  If I don’t feel well I won’t do it…don’t worry.

As of right now, I don’t know if Josh will be here late Thursday evening, or on Friday.  Either way…everything I do seems oddly notable.  I erased our weekly calendar board and thought to myself about it being the last one before his return.   As I do laundry and groceries and yard work it pops in my head.  Yesterday at football, getting gas… you name it.

My brain actually did the same thing before he left.

So today I will enjoy Mother’s Day with my boys, baby bump and my mom.  I will spend time in the yard because I like doing that, torture my boys with some chores and will admire the flowers Josh sent from somewhere far far away.  I like simple, and today I’ll keep it simple.

I feel grateful and happy and I hope you are enjoying your Mother’s day too.  Last Sunday before deployment is over!

Until tomorrow,