Baby camping….


I finally slept a little better.  I opened a window and it cooled my room off a lot.  Although temperature is a factor, I truly think anticipation is the disrupter of my sleep.  Josh will be here this time next week.  Worse case he will be arriving exactly one week from today.

I talked to the boys last night during dinner about it…if they were nervous to see Daddy.  Logan said no and that he was happy.  Henry just shrugged his shoulders… about right.

I asked Bonny if she was nervous to meet Daddy and she said yes.  Just kidding.

On the “baby prep front,” yesterday my friend Jessica and I assembled the pack and play/bassinet/changing table.  We 100% went into this with our game faces on.  We got out the instructions…we used our best effort…we set down our phones…we committed to “next level” attention to detail.

It took over an hour…and we had multiple “this can’t be right” moments.  It felt a lot like assembling a tent for the first time.

I don’t know about you…but if I go camping this is NEVER the job for me.  I know this is a fixed mindset, but I am terrible at that kind of thing.  It’s like instructions were written just to confuse me…and mechanical pieces…even simple ones…don’t fit together logically in my head.

They are always backwards or “broken” and absolutely impossible to manipulate.  I typically blame it on the instructions…or my dexterity or the manufacturer.

Well…after numerous attempts, the pack and play was assembled…but the bassinet was messed up, it was tilted.  That can’t be right. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We walked away from our efforts with the knowledge we were defeated.  I joked that I waited 7 months for Josh to come home from deployment just so he could assemble this stupid pack and play correctly.

A few hours later I went back to the bassinet.  I disassembled and attempted one last time.

Success!!!  I found the backwards pieces and fixed it!  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. YES!!!! I am a super hero!!!

I excitedly told the kids…they didn’t care.  I told instagram…nobody cared.

Somebody must acknowledge me for this triumph!!

The pack and play is assembled and ready for baby and it only took 2 hours.  At this rate, I can assemble all of her things by the time she is 5.

I know my pride is insane.
Whatever… I’ll take it!  Haha.  Little victories count too.

Until tomorrow,