garden birth….


The past few nights, my sleep hasn’t been great.  I have heartburn and can’t seem to fall into deep sleep.  I feel like I am dreaming while I am awake and hours just pass with no rest.   Figure this could be pregnancy or anticipation of the upcoming events.

I’m tired though…no doubt about that.

Sometimes I look at my belly and it blows my mind that there is a tiny human in there.   She’s not that tiny at this point I guess, probably 5-6ish pounds.  My favorite thing to imagine lately is what she will look like.
I wonder if she will have hair when she is born and what color her eyes will be.  I wonder if she will look like me, or look like the boys did as newborns.  Third child red-heads are common in my family and that would definitely make me laugh.

She’s in my belly, not far away, but impossibly mysterious at the same time.
People keep saying nesting will kick in soon.  I’m suspicious it won’t and that my nesting will continue to look like gardening, working in the yard and coaching.   So instead of waiting for the feeling, it is just time to get rolling.

I’m washing all the newborn clothes and my friend Jessica and I will get them put away today with the burp cloths and blankets.  I’ll set up the pack and play/ bassinet and get the the items laid out for my hospital bag.
Want to know a funny thing I am putting in my bag?  Gardening knee pads…yup if I am going to do this labor without meds my knees will need all the cushion they can get.

I do solemnly swear I won’t use them for gardening and actually put them in my hospital bag….or at least I won’t use them until after she is here.  lol
Until tomorrow,