beach body….


Yesterday I spent a few hours in the sun.  I took my computer and my phone out to my back deck and did my afternoon work in a bikini top and shorts.  Goal was to get a little tan so I am not so pasty white when Josh gets home next week.

I was doing a good job moving around until I got into a particularly in depth call with a client and I sat down…sideways.  I burned one thigh, my side and one shoulder.
​​​​​​​Nailed it.
Last deployment return was 4.5 years ago.  I remember going and buying a new outfit and excitedly preparing to welcome Josh home to a very different physical body.  On his last deployment I lost 35 pounds.

It was basically the beginning of my fitness journey.  That year I got certified as a personal trainer and trained my first clients.  I joined CrossFit, went to bootcamp, aka PIP, and had completely changed my eating.  I decided I would be a coach and trainer as my full time job.

I moved cross country, set up our new house, and raised the boys ages 4 and 2 for a full calendar year…. without him.

This time, well you know a lot has happened….so much.  But in regards to my physical body, he left when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and will return at almost 36.5 weeks.

Not sure if a tan will be that significant if you think about it that way.

Until tomorrow,