t minus….


​​All of a sudden, the days are moving quickly.

In my head everything is still far away…Josh’s return…baby girl’s arrival.
But those major events aren’t hundreds of days away anymore.  Josh will be back at the end of next week…and I am 35 weeks pregnant today.
Sunday was my baby shower.  The weather was beautiful and I felt very loved, celebrated and truly showered with gifts to prepare for baby.  I have a wonderful group of friends, both here and on the East Coast.
My “to do” list for baby now includes washing the newborn clothes, setting up the bassinet, packing my hospital bag and installing the carseat.  Then I am ready-ish.  LOL.

For Josh’s arrival my “to do” list is fairly simple as well.  Some yard stuff, some car stuff, some garage stuff…but the biggest item is his plane ticket home Norfolk to Seattle.  I booked one a few months ago, but the airline changed the flight and he wouldn’t be off the ship in time to make it.   The best new ticket has him leaving Norfolk at 6pm and arriving in Seattle at 1030pm, with a 33 min layover in Detroit.

It wouldn’t be the end of deployment without a little stress being added to that last leg of the trip.  33 min is not a lot of time, and yes I’ve looked on every major airline for flight options…there isn’t a lot.  So we will hope for the best.
Well..time to go get dressed for Crossfit class and have another cup of coffee.   I’m such a rebel.

Until tomorrow.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has asked about Logan.  He is doing better.  I made him go to school Friday even though he didn’t want to.  The other boy was suspended so he has had some space and distance….but overall this was a tough experience.