A Coach for Bonny…


You guys all know I love coaching.  It is my professional passion as well as something I utilize for myself regularly.   Well… is seems only right that I get my Bonny Bear a coach.
On Monday we are starting with a dog trainer…a really good one.  We will be meeting at my house 3 or 4 times a week for the next 5-6 weeks, basically until baby arrives…lol.  And then once a week after she completes the program.

She is going to learn all the things…and practice all the things…

I know I am partial, but her temperament and personality are special.  By investing in a dog trainer at this level, I am hoping one day Bonny can be a therapy/comfort dog at a hospital or seniors home.  I would love to volunteer that way and have the boys be a part of it too.

And of course, an obvious win is that she will be very well trained for family adventures, new baby, and hanging out with me wherever I go.

I’m excited to learn, to watch her develop and have the chance to volunteer and give back.   A dog trainer like this isn’t cheap, but I’m not exchanging dollars for a dog that sits on command.

I am investing time and financial resources for VALUE.  The value is confidence in her behavior, the ability to go anywhere together and the opportunity to expand our world by volunteering.  I am eliminating stress and instead, getting something else.
Do you think about money that way?  Whether it is $10 or $10,000, most of us are satisfied and happy when we spend our resources and time and, in return, get good value.  That value isn’t really the item or the service… its how we feel because of the service AND how our world changes because we chose to do it.

When you see what you want, or where you want to go, having that mindset makes it easier to choose if an investment is worth it.  How much do you want to feel different? Or do something different?  Most of the time if it is something really cool, like what I want for Bonny, the investment requires real sacrifice, both in time and sometimes money…
It can hurt a little and be uncomfortable…but it will be worth it.

That discomfort means I have skin and the game and I won’t waste this opportunity with her trainer.  I am excited for it…because I want what is ahead.

Can’t wait to share her progress with you.


P.S. My baby shower is on Sunday and yesterday I did a “try on” of different outfits to choose what to wear.  If you want to help me decide, go over to my instagram story and check it out!! Would love to have your vote!