Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 15: Hashtag Unfollow

I made the mistake a week or two ago of following some new hashtags and accounts on instagram.  I followed “fit pregnancy” and a handful or accounts of women who seemed like me, trying to exercise and eat well during pregnancy.  Looking for inspiration and shared experience.

Well…social media is funny.  You think you are going to follow a bunch of people for some positive and internally supportive reason.   But that is not how it works.

My feed has been filled with skinny legs and arms and cute baby bumps.  6 pack abs at 8 weeks post partum and what appears to be 45 siblings of said “supermoms” doing beautiful and intricate holiday crafts.

Cue the unfollow.

Why?  All these women are great I’m sure.

Because none of what I am seeing on there feels like me.  And strangely these posts make me feed bad not inspired.

I am getting bigger, but I am bigger everywhere.  Legs, hips, boobs, arms, face, belly. . . I do not look like them.

Also, after a 3rd baby, I know my abs won’t be back at 6 or 8 weeks.  That is unrealistic for me and also not my natural body type.  I worked my ass off for abs and they will take time.

And jeeze… I wish I was good at holiday crafts with my kids.   We do ok with normal life, but last weekend our attempt to make slime was a complete fail and ultimately Chippy ended up covered in shaving cream by a disgruntled 7 year old.

I guess I’m telling you this because whether you are trying to lose weight, working on a muscle up, building your workout routine, or trying to have a fit and healthy pregnancy… you have to buffer yourself from too much social media.   It isn’t helpful…at least not for me.

Follow people sharing honestly and unfollow anything or anyone that makes you feel bad.

Also don’t forget…you don’t know the whole story behind those social media pictures.  Those 6 week transformations may not be what you think.

Have you ever made this mistake and then had to edit your social media feed?   Why does it have that strange reverse effect when you see people “succeeding?”

Until tomorrow.