Mower fail


Josh is in France.   Their ship pulled in there for a port call and then they will continue across the Atlantic to Virginia.   He was able to
​​​​​​​Facetime yesterday and I proudly showed him some of the things I have been working on in the house.   Lawn work, garden stuff, house projects…things that looks good and things I’ve worked hard on.
I also showed him a cover to the septic system that I destroyed yesterday along with the piping below it.   UGH.  I was trying to mow around it because I couldn’t get the weed wacker to start.

I can’t say I didn’t mow that cover on purpose… but I certainly didn’t mean to destroy it.  I just overestimated the strength of the cover to withstand the spinning blade.

Probably going to need to call the septic guy since it isn’t just the cover I destroyed.
I showed Josh the baby bump and tried to explain how big I feel.  I showed him Bonny and Daisy and the kids.  I talked to him about the vehicles and about Bonny starting with a dog trainer.
Normal life stuff.

It’s funny how the normal life stuff is so special to share.  2.5 weeks to go before I can share that stuff in person.
Until tomorrow,