After deployment…It’s not what you think


​​​​​​​Josh will be home in approximately 3 weeks.  It feels very strange.   I don’t feel excited yet, just a little anxious.

I need to explain something though to you guys because I’ve avoided sharing it in this journal….mostly because it’s hard to explain to non-military people.  It’s easier to just say Josh is coming home.

When Josh left on deployment, his ship was assigned a new homeport.  This sometimes happens and we knew it was a possibility.   So instead of returning to Washington state, Josh’s ship will now be based out of Norfolk, VA.

Wait…don’t you live in Washington?

So when Josh returns from deployment, he will return to Virginia.   He will fly home for 10 days post deployment leave and then return to his ship in Virginia.

Wait….what about the baby?

Good call…yes, I am due shortly after that.

In order to maximize his time here with us, he will wait in Virginia until the moment I go into labor…then he will fly back to Washington.

Wait….what if he misses the birth?  This is baby #3…and they can come fast.

True story…Norfolk is far from Washington, so that is possible.

One of my besties happens to be my doula and she will be there by my side… and my boys will be with my mom.

Josh will have 2 weeks home with us after the baby is born and then he will return to Virginia.

From then on he will do what we call in the military “geo-bach”…short for geographical bachelor.  He will fly home on long weekends and on occasional leave periods until he receives new orders off the ship… approximately 9-12 months later.

If you are a military family, this doesn’t sound too strange.  If it common to have no good solution to geographical separation.  It’s just reality.  It doesn’t make sense to move to Norfolk for 9 months…and the Navy doesn’t really care we will have a new baby.

Although it sounds super crappy to have live apart after being deployed for 7 months, there will be some major improvements over our current daily reality.

We will be able to facetime, text and talk daily.  We currently have months between facetime and often weeks between emails and phone calls.
He will also be home sometimes…which is better than no times.

We will earn lots of airline points…lol

I won’t have to make decisions without him.
The boys can talk to him everyday.
I’m very excited for the end of deployment…but to say life will return to normal…probably isn’t true.

Until tomorrow.