Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 14: Deployment Trimesters

I tried a cup of decaf coffee this morning.  It still tastes terrible.
For me, disliking coffee is the most unexpected food aversion of them all.

Prior to pregnancy, I was a coffee fanatic.
I drank it black and often.  About 2 weeks into my pregnancy it started tasting terrible.  Convenient since I’m not supposed to have more than one serving of caffeine, but still.

I was kind of hoping that because I am done the first trimester my tastebuds would return to normal.  Nope.

Oh well.  Water and tea for me!

We are putting together a box to send to Josh out on deployment.  At this point it will get there a little late for Christmas.  But that’s’s the thought that counts.

There is something a little odd about the rhythm of deployment matching the progress of my pregnancy.   I found out I was pregnant days before Josh left.  So when he left, if felt like both his return and the baby arrival were infinitely far away.

Now 2 months into deployment, its like I have settled into both experiences.  I’m more pregnant and starting to feel like it and the boys and I are in a routine you only find after separation becomes normal.

I’m in the second trimester of pregnancy, but I think if deployment had trimesters, we would be just shy of finishing the first.    Josh should be back a few weeks before baby arrives and baby is due June 10th.

Last night during dinner I told the boys next year for Christmas would be quite different.  Both daddy and the new baby would be here.

That is hard to imagine, but sounds amazing.

Until tomorrow,