Furry Hugs


I kept my promise.

Last week I told you I was committing to a phone free hour immediately after wake up….every morning.  My phone was highjacking my mornings and effecting my mood and energy.

So far, I have been true to that promise.  The first few days were tough…I immediately wanted to grab my phone and it was hard to crush the urge.   But now, it is a little easier.

I’m not sure if it is a monumental change to my whole day.  But my mornings feel better.  Less rushed and more centered in my own head.

Every time I considered breaking my commitment, which I thought about more than once…I didn’t….100% because of you.  I told you I was going to do something and you knowing my plan keeps me honest and consistent.

Accountability is a very effective strategy for me.
Does it work for you?? Do you have something you want to change or improve that just isn’t sticking?  If you think it would help, write me back and tell me what it is.   Then I’ll know.

You will know your promise to yourself….and I will know your promise.

And every time you keep a promise to yourself an alpaca gets a hug.   And every time you break a promise…well…I don’t have the heart to tell you.
Write me back if you have something you need accountability for!

Until tomorrow,

P.S.  I’ve like my morning bubble so much I took it a few steps further.  I turned off all email, and app notifications on my phone and computer.  I am in control of when I check these things.  It’s been great.