Jerry Maguire


Yesterday was my 32 week check-up.  I impressed the entire class by balancing a full cup of water on my baby bump shelf.  We were joking that I was “all belly” and I wanted to show just how distinct it was.  I definitely earned the cool preggo party trick award.

What I also earned was my 35# total weight gain ribbon.  Just kidding, they don’t give that award.  That would be a terrible thing to do in a pregnancy class. lol.

But in truth despite my exercise and 80/20 good nutrition choices, my body seems set on gaining 40 plus pounds to support my growing baby.  I accept it and know my body is doing what it needs to for baby girl.  But the scale is and always will be a good way to screw up my day.

Did I tell you I am going to do my entire post-partum journey scale free?   I’m really looking forward to the challenge.   Why do I call it a challenge?? Because going scale free is both liberating and hard.  We LOVE the validation of a few pounds down or a total weight loss.  When the scale doesn’t go down or goes up, we question everything…what we are doing…who we are…what we are worth.

​​​​​​​I am as guilty as anyone of giving the scale too much power.

So instead of a weight-loss goal, I will work hard to get my body back to a place I feel confident and fit.  I’ll train hard in the gym, pay close attention to my portion sizes, eliminate BS, isolate treats to occasions, fuel for recovery and of course nursing.  I’ll drink water, move every day and sleep (as much as you can w/ a newborn)…

I’ll do all the things…
​​​​​​​Yes, I will do the hard work required when you want to change your body.

But without the bs or validation of the scale.
I do solemnly swear, that during my post-partum journey, I will not get on the scale, with the exception of doctors visits, until I fit in my old clothes and feel satisfied with my body.

I’ll measure my progress with pictures, energy levels, how my clothes fit, how I feel in the gym, how my skin looks, my digestion and my overall happiness.

If my progress stalls or slows, I will evaluate my consistency, stress levels, recovery and timeline assumptions.  I will do the work, enjoy the journey and make decisions based on body love rather than body hate.
My Fit Me Manifesto.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. If the scale is a good tool for you, you don’t have to ditch it.  Just being honest about my personal plan and struggles.