Lately I’m out of breath all the time.  Of course when I exercise.  But also when I tie my shoes, walk up stairs, pick up Bonny and even do the dishes. lol

Factor allergy season in the mix and I feel like I can hear myself breathing from a mile away.  I’m like a dragon…cue witty Game of Thrones reference.

Speaking of breathing, Thursday last week I visited a yoga studio.  I worked with the instructor to film various prenatal poses and restorative positions for my Fit Me Pregnancy program.

It was actually really fun and I enjoyed it.   She said I had a hard time relaxing.  True story.

I am going to start attending her Sunday class from now until delivery….which by the way is technically 8 weeks away.

That sounds crazy.  We will meet this baby girl in only a few weeks.  One of my favorite things to think about is what she will look like.  Both of my boys have bright blue eyes and had blondish hair as babies and toddlers.

But I have hazel eyes and brown hair.

I imagine her to both look like the boys and maybe to look like me… I guess I don’t imagine her to look like Josh… lol…but she might.  Especially if she is born with no hair.

Until tomorrow.