How much stuff do you have?


It’s 7:01.  I haven’t touched my phone yet.   The minute Bonny woke me up with her little puppy whines, I had the urge to reach for it.  I ignored the urge.  Day 1- winning.

It is terrible weather this morning.  The boys each have a football game…the first of the season.  I’m headed to CrossFit and then to watch their games.  #momlife
Last night I had a little date with Logan, my oldest.  He is 10.  We went shopping for some football equipment and when we were done I decided to take the time to sit down with him out to dinner. Just us.

We talked about football and food.  Then we played some math games.  We chatted about school, friends and daddy.

Then I decided it was time to bring up my friends’ death.   I hadn’t talked to him about it yet.  He knew something had happened, but he didn’t know what.  I told him my good friend, that he knew, was the one that died.   And how even amazing and wonderful people…real people… can struggle with addiction.

And how drugs can kill you.

I think he was surprised.   Almost like he didn’t believe me.   He asked me why people do it?  Hard question to answer.

Then he asked what happens to your stuff when you die?   Does it go in a storage unit?
At first I thought this was a strange question….but then he explained it was something he saw on a show…one of those storage unit discovery shows.  Oh kids… always worried about their stuff.

But on second thought….

Out of the mouth of babes.

This morning…I realize…that isn’t a silly question at all.   We focus on our “stuff” all the time.  We are inundated with it.
It was a rational and insightful question.
In fact, in our modern world, I put the “weight” we place on social media likes followers and engagements in the stuff category.  The time we spend on silly arguments or body envy….stuff.  In the same category as worrying about the next best phone, house thing, cars or shoes…stuff.

It is actually a great question…and an even better reminder…what happens to your stuff when you die?


The value from our days…what truly remains… is everything else.
Until tomorrow.


P.S.  Sorry to get so existential on a Saturday…I am a philosopher at heart…and I love when startling truths interrupt routine days.