Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 13: Human Stuff

Today I had the exact same breakfast as yesterday except that I replaced the cookie with a banana.  Progress 🙂

Sharing my daily journey with you is an interesting experience for me.
It’s been amazing talking through my days and hearing back from you.

Although I am telling these daily mini stories through the perspective of pregnancy, I realized over the past few days, that many of the issues I talk about in these emails are pretty universal.

Body image, motivation, family challenges, food choices, moderation, workouts, meals….
Same stuff…different journey.

Even if you aren’t pregnant…which most of you probably aren’t, hopefully many of these issues resonate with you too.

I hope you can find inspiration, joy or camaraderie in what I share, because these are challenges and experiences from my real life.

Until tomorrow,

P.S.  Do you keep a journal?  Does it help you reflect or unwind?  Does it give you clarity?  Just curious!