I needed a little computer break this weekend.  I stayed off email and social media as much as possible.  It was actually kind of nice.  On Saturday night I watched a movie and left my phone in my bedroom.  It was a weird feeling.

This morning I was going to write you about an hour ago, but Josh face-timed from somewhere halfway around the world.  First face-time in about 2 months.    He currently has a mustache….and has had one since he left in October.
Let me just say that the mustache will not be returning from deployment.   As an 80’s kid and not an 80’s teen or young adult, I have no appreciation for the Tom Selleck look.

This kids think its funny….I don’t.
I feel like we all fall in 2 very distinct camps… stache or no stache.

Which one are you?  (not specifically in regards to Josh… just in general.)   In my opinion if you aren’t Wyatt Earp, Hulk Hogan or Tom Selleck… no stache.

Until tomorrow!