This weekend had some frustrating moments.  My boys were impossible on Friday and Saturday… and Sunday morning I found out we would have 3 less days of post deployment leave with Josh.  I’ll spare you the details, but 3 days less after 7 months apart definitely felt like a sucker punch from the Navy.

But despite these frustrating moments, my weekend was filled with people magic.  The kind that isn’t on instagram or social media.  The kind you don’t get too see often or maybe the magic we are just too busy to notice.  Either way…

I probably can’t even list them all for you…but here are a few.

Doing a partner workout with a friend who is also in the “just show up” stage.  It felt amazing to enjoy sweating with zero judgements or expectations for each other.  We did it together.

Talking to a nutrition client on the phone who just needed me.  She is mid-grind on major life changes… our talk was unscheduled…but although I’m sure my pep talk helped her, she actually unknowingly blessed me.  She has no guarantees and a lot of self doubt…but she keeps pushing.  That kind of courage is special….and exactly why I love coaching.
My friend’s memorial was Saturday …back in Maryland.  I obviously couldn’t go, so I called in.  While talking to my best friend on the phone, a Christmas song came on in the background.  We laughed because it was ridiculous…and Ryan would have loved how silly it was.  Laughter is medicine…enough said.

Then I had lunch with a friend I rarely see.  We carved out time for each other despite our opposing schedules.  Setting aside time to just talk is something I neglect….connection with people you love requires the investment of time.
I also coached a garage workout with friends…that probably sounds simple and routine.  It is…but isn’t it always those simple and routine things you miss when they are gone?  I don’t get to coach in person a lot these days…so when I get the chance… I love it.
And lastly, yesterday 9 friends and my mom were at my house at various parts of the day.   They helped me with house projects, moved furniture, fixed things and helped me prepare and organize for baby.  They did everything that was either hard or impossible for me to do at this stage of pregnancy…they did it despite me and my pride.  They knew I needed help and they didn’t wait for me to ask… they did it anyway.

This morning I am tired…but it was a great weekend.  Makes me wonder if this weekend was exceptional…or if the magic is there more than I know…and I just miss it because of hurried agendas and never ending to do lists.

Did you have any people magic in your weekend?  Was it there, but maybe you missed it?

Until tomorrow.