Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 110

Friday List(s)…


I did that thing again.  I woke up at 2am to take Bonny out and then couldn’t fall asleep.  I almost gave up trying, but managed to sleep a little more from 5-7.

3 hours of awake while Bonny slept soundly.

Guess who else was awake?? Baby bump and 1 million frogs.

As I lay in bed wishing for sleep, baby girl was doing acrobatics in my belly.  She punched and jabbed and flipped and turned.  And I listened to the most amazing chorus of frogs.

Every part of the country is different, and I remember frogs in Florida…but Washington frogs are next-level loud in the spring.   Plus there is water everywhere.

It’s actually beautiful and really cool.  I can’t really say it was the frogs…or baby girl keeping me up.  I was just….up.
I feel pretty grouchy after a crap night’s sleep.  I have a lot of complaints in my head at this moment… life stuff…body stuff.. kid stuff…Navy stuff….but honestly my emotional state is probably pretty impacted by fatigue.

I don’t want to make a habit of starting each day with a list of complaints.  And I don’t get a “pass” just because I am writing you.

Instead here are 5 things that make me happy… right now.. this moment.

1.  Daisy and Bonny are almost friends.  Daisy has crossed over from hate to tolerate… to “like you I guess” and seems happier overall.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2.  There are flowers and signs of spring everywhere.

3.  Josh will be home in less than 8 weeks.

4.  I had so much fun this week coaching people inside Fit Me Nutrition.  My “work” is something I love.

5.  I have the most amazing friends.  Regardless of geographical location they make me feel loved and supported…. and I admire them greatly.
O.k. that’s it for now.  wait…one more list…

Since I started this email, Bonny has collected from around the house:

2 shoes from different pairs
1 fleece jacket
1 stick (that somehow is inside and should be outside)
2 stuffed animals
2 socks
1 plastic ball

Ok…now I can go.

If you woke up today feeling meh…hit me back with a happy list.  Or if you can’t do that… you better get to collecting and beat Bonny’s list.

Until tomorrow.