Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 12: C is for Cookie

This morning for breakfast I ate 2 eggs, 2 cups of sautéed kale, an apple and a gluten free chocolate cookie.

That about sums up my nutrition these days.  I am living that 80/20 rule hard right now.   I am eating mostly clean and allowing a little more nonsense than in the past.

Yesterday was my first “group” session baby dr appointment.  This is a fairly new concept I think.  After my initial 2 appointments, instead of the typical 15 min visit with my doctor, I instead have group appointments.  They last about 2 hours.

Everyone gets 1-1 time with the midwife at the beginning to check on baby and discuss any private issues, but then after that, the entire appointment is done in a group setting.

There are various topics to discuss and it is very conversational.

Super cool and interesting because you benefit from everyone else’s questions and concerns and get that reassuring feeling that other people feel the way you do.

This is a voluntary program of course, and I wasn’t going to do it at first.
But now I am glad I am.

The appointment made me miss Josh but I am really lucky to have had some close friends attend all my baby dr appointments with me.

Grateful for my “friend family.”

Until tomorrow,


P.S. I got to hear baby’s heartbeat and baby was flipping around and moving tons which we could hear on the doppler.