Poop Sandwich


Let me tell you about the pregnancy sandwich.   Not a literal one…even though a good turkey and bacon sandwich sounds pretty legit.  I call it… the poopy awesome poopy sandwich.

I probably should write menus for a living.
​​​​​​​Here are the ingredients in order of trimester
Trimester 1- Trimester 2- Trimester 3

Grumpy – Happy – Dislike everybody

​​​​​​​Tired- Normal- Can’t function after 4pm

Strength (in gym)
Weak-sauce – Super hero strong – Um..nope
Trips to bathroom
​​​​​​​So many- More than normal but tolerable- I literally pee myself 3 min after going to the bathroom

Hunger and Food
​​​​​​​Carbs only please- pretty normal- Stuffed or starved with no in-between

Body Image
Chubby day every day – Look at my cute bump and I still have a few abs!! – I am a giant and my face looks like I was stung by tracker jackers.
I could probably think of more…but you get the idea…. go ahead and apply your “poopy awesome poopy” imagination to these additional categories:  Anxiety, Cardiovascular ability, Emotions, Patience and IQ.
​​​​​​​Until tomorrow.