Important Thoughts…


Yesterday I made a post about my body weight.  I posted what it is….right now.  184.

You can read the post here….but I got pretty much the exact response I anticipated.

Some people were sad because my pregnancy body weight is the same or less than their current weight.  They felt ashamed or diminished because they KNOW my current “pregnancy” weight and immediately evaluated themselves because of it.

Some people encouraged me…”Don’t worry, you will be back to your old body in no time after baby.”

They thought I was ashamed of my weight and current body and didn’t want me to feel bad.   They wanted me to feel happy because of a different number on the scale….that I will surely achieve post-partum.

Other people agreed….the scale is bitch.

But here is the point.

I posted that number because the scale is WAY too powerful.   There is nothing wrong with you for having any of the above responses.  I knew they were coming.  We have been conditioned to have them.

I have them.
In fact I accept responsibility as being a part of the fitness machine that tells weight loss stories and reinforces the scale’s power.  I am guilty of overemphasizing the scale for myself and my clients.

I live in the same world you do….

But here is the takeaway…the scale is a tool and a tool ONLY.  It has some value, the same way measurements do or a body composition test does.  Your body weight measures one part of the picture, like a 1 rep max back squat measures one aspect of your strength.

Can you imagine if we attached the same emphasis to your back squat number?
The number on the scale does not deserve the power to make or break your day, month or year.   It does not represent YOU.  It does not reflect your BODY COMPOSITION…EMOTIONAL FULFILLMENT…or EVEN YOUR HEALTH.

Here is my final thought if you are conflicted…if I could “magic” you to your dream weight…what would be different?

Would you wear something different….join something cool….be healthier and physically feel better because your body has more muscle and less stored fat?  Would your joints feel better or would you have more energy?  Would you adventure more and enjoy your family and friends with more confidence?
Those are all amazing things to want….and I love those goals.  So hypothetically imagine I destroyed every scale on earth.  You now have to work towards those goals without a stupid number to derail you or validate you?
Can you even imagine how cool that would be? How honest you would have to be with yourself about your efforts?
That is exactly what I plan to do post-partum and will help others do too…regardless of where they are in life.  A movement of people that want more than just a number on the scale.

Tell me your thoughts?