Lazy List


I ate a box of gluten free macaroni and cheese yesterday… and honestly not much else.
It was not my best nutrition day.  Ironically if you remember, this happened a few weeks ago.  And I clearly did not apply my own rule.  “Not in my house.” The rule is that if you wouldn’t want it in your house on your worst day, don’t buy it.

Well I bought it anyway and there you go.

The funny thing is yesterday was a great day, I just didn’t feel awesome body-wise.
I know what you are thinking… Christy, you are 30 weeks pregnant…you can have that if you want it.

I appreciate the empathy…but I know I can do better.   Not just because consistent mac and cheese = extra weight gain…but mostly because there wasn’t a lot in there for me and baby… other than calories.

I missed out on better stuff.  That is the real issue.  I also get to give myself a big fat red on my 8 week program tracker.  Nobody likes that….lol.

I am going to do better with food prep for myself.  This past Sunday I made 3 separate meals for the kids so they would have lots to choose from this week.  But I didn’t make anything that sounded good to me.

Not good enough.

Here are the quality things that sound good these days…aka happy list😀

Smoked Salmon

Here are the non quality things that sound good these days…aka lazy list 😐

Macaroni and Cheese
Chocolate Chex
​​​​​​​Sour Gummies

And last…here are things that usually work for me that are super gross  or at least bleh right now…aka hell no list 🤢
Almost all chicken
​​​​​​​Leftover anything
Anything in a can
​​​​​​​Luke warm anything

Ok…well…That is helpful for me.   I am going to stock up on my happy list…and not buy things on my lazy list.

I’ve worked hard this whole pregnancy to eat as well as possible, I don’t want to throw in the towel now.

What’s on your happy list and lazy list?