The Itch


Yesterday morning we got to Facetime with Josh.  The kids almost missed the bus and my entire day was shifted to the right by an hour, but it was worth it.   The ship was in Bahrain for a few days….which I can share now….after the fact.

Bahrain is a small island in the Persian Gulf…off the coast of Saudi Arabia and near Qatar…across from Iran.  I don’t know what they are doing and he can’t tell me.  Makes for pretty 1 sided conversations.

Over the next 10 weeks as I prepare for baby and his return, I have a lot to do.   I’m have to confess… I don’t have a baby room set up and am currently not ready.
I’m feeling the itch though… so its time.  Literally my belly itches as it stretches.   It’s a good reminder to get my butt in gear.

I’m going to do a little every weekend until I am all set up.  I started last weekend.

It’s been 8+ years since I prepared for a baby.  A few close friends scheduled a shower for me in May.   That will be fun…but even that…it’s been 10 + years since I had a baby shower.  I was 25.  Good Lord.

Side note, at 35 I am officially considered “advanced maternal age.”
Ok…the other job I have this weekend is to finish my registry.  If you are a mamma or recently shopped for a new mamma, what are the hot items?  What should I put on my registry that has improved or changed from 10 years ago??  What is a mandatory item that hasn’t changed??
At the point, I know more about nutrition, weightlifting and Crossfit than babies!  I need your help!

Until tomorrow.