It’s 730am…I’ve been up since 5.  Bonny is asleep next to me and Daisy is asleep on the floor.

The boys are asleep upstairs.

I am awake.

Bonny woke me up 3 or 4 times last night so I am going to blame it on the moon.   Yesterday was a long day…and I can confidently say I am still tired.

Yesterday, my 8 year old went on a temporary hunger strike because he couldn’t find his shark tooth necklaces.  Let me tell you how this went down.

Henry- “Mom…where did you put my necklaces?”

Me- “I haven’t seen them.”

Henry- “I need them for school, where would you have put them if you put them somewhere?”

Me- “I haven’t seen them, Henry.  Have some breakfast.”

I put down bacon, eggs and grapes feeling quite pleased with myself for making bacon for them on a weekday.

Henry- “I am not eating that or drinking any water until I find my necklaces.”

Me and Henry- Stalemate discussion for 15 min while food gets cold…I inform him he is not to buy breakfast at school and he informs me he hates bacon anyway.

Me- “Ok, its time for the bus…I’ll put this in the fridge for you to eat after school.”

Henry- “Not if I haven’t found my necklaces.”

Until tomorrow,