Cold Air or Tetris


I confess.  I’m tired.
​​​​​​​I’ve been non stop for about 2.5 weeks straight and last night I didn’t sleep great.  I had terrible heartburn and a nightmare.  Then Bonny the Bernedoodle puppy had me up at 230 for a potty break.

Overall she is doing amazing with kennel training.  At 9 weeks old, she doesn’t cry anymore when I put her in there and we are averaging about 1 potty break a night…with an occasional sleep through the night.

I guess I am in baby bootcamp.

I remember waking up all those times when the boys were newborns.  As I nursed them, I played Tetris on my phone.  I was afraid I would fall asleep and Tetris kept me awake.

For Bonny the cold air of being outside keeps me alert… lol.  Maybe cold air on my face will be a strategy for nursing the baby?
Just kidding.

I’m now at the pregnancy stage where when I meet someone new, they say something like… wow you look great, you must be due pretty soon.  Then I get to say… 12 more weeks lol.

Then they get to feel awkward and decide if they called me giant or not.
To be fair, I do look like I have a basketball strapped to my torso.  I’m carrying pretty differently with this baby then I did with the boys.  I was much wider with them.
So I think I’m going to drag my tired butt to CrossFit this morning.  I need the energy boost of a good workout.

Until tomorrow,