Mount Mac and Cheese


My house mess has increased exponentially with the addition of Bonny Bear the Bernedoodle Puppy.  I thought that my boys left a pretty solid trail of stuff in their wake.  But Bonny is a next level mess maker/ collector.

Now between Logan and Henry contributing discarded clothes, food mess, and toys…. and Bonny collecting literally everything she can find and dragging it around the house… I am living in a tornado.

A very pleasant and cute tornado though.

But as my belly gets bigger and bigger, my ability to keep up is diminishing.   I have to lean and swing to initiate a sit-up…and running up the stairs to chase the puppy leaves me winded.

I’m 28 weeks on Tuesday.  12 weeks left doesn’t sound like a lot….Because really it isn’t.

My plan for today is to clean up the tornado house, spend some time outside and continue work on my 8 Week Group Coaching Program that starts tomorrow.

8 weeks from now is the second week of May.  I’ll be almost 36 weeks pregnant.  I won’t be losing weight or inches like the majority of the people doing the 8 week program, but I’m glad I have some structure between now and then to feel my best.  I’ve been slacking on my basics and a restart tomorrow sounds amazing.

I literally ate a mountain of gluten free mac and cheese yesterday because I was super tired.  Not my best work 🤪

Until tomorrow….