Sore and sneezing


Anyone else starting allergy season? Well, it feels like it is starting here.   I get these sneezing fits, where I sneeze like 10x in a row.  And when you have a basketball in your belly, uncontrolled sneezes means you pee yourself.

Third trimester truths.

Bonny did ok with sleeping last night. She went to sleep with no crying, woke up at 1am, so we went out.  She slept till 630, with a brief 5 min cry around 3am.  Pretty solid.

When I got up this morning, my muscles were sore from CrossFit.  I actually like that feeling….within reason of course.  Unfortunately I think Daisy woke up sore too.  She had a hard time getting up. Probably all the additional activity from Bonny the puppy and running around playing with the boys.  She is definitely sore.  Once I helped her up she was fine….but it instantly made me concerned because of how we lost Diesel.

Diesel’s leg failure though was neurological and physical.  Daisy just has sore muscles.  She has been this way once before….last year when she over did it with a tennis ball.

I’m starting my Saturday with a workout…then my boys have jiu jitsu.  Then back home to finish the final touches on my next 8 week program starting Monday.

And of course, Bonny Bear playtime.

Do you start your Saturday with a workout?   Even though I am tired from a rough week of sleep, I am going to go because I know I will feel better all day.

Until tomorrow,

P.S. No workout for Daisy of course… she needs a recovery Saturday.