Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 105

Simple…not easy


Bonny slept through the night last night.  10pm-5am!!
She has become a shoe and laundry collecting machine, but I’ll take that as long as she sleeps and doesn’t keep me up all night.
Yesterday I took her on a 3 mile walk.  Just kidding.  I took her on a 2 minute walk and then carried her for 2.9 miles.  I used a blanket to create a baby style wrap.  She was quite happy.

I was proud to do a 3 mile weighted walk.   My 28# of gain, plus Bonny… =35 pounds.

On the home front, Bonny has discovered Dolly the rabbit and is quite afraid of her.  It is actually pretty funny.  They are about the same size, so I can see why Dolly is pretty scary.

Monday morning starts the next round of my 8 week habit program.  I was super humbled by everyone’s results in the first round and thrilled at the amazing community.   I did and am doing the program myself and I love the idea of counting out 8 weeks with structure and doable goals.

In 8 weeks I will be 36 weeks pregnant, Josh will be almost home and it will almost be go time for the baby.  My goals are pretty simple and match the goals of the program.  I want to keep moving every day, avoid processed junk, and cook as many quality meals as possible.   I want to encourage others in the group and keep myself on track by participating in the daily accountability checks.

​​​​​​​Daily wins that lead to weekly progress and sustainable habits.

Simple….not easy….but doable.
That’s probably the theme of the program.

For me, my goal isn’t weight-loss…my goal is feeling my best as I prepare for delivery.  But I know a handful of people who’s goal is to feel confident in summer clothes!
Do you have an 8 week goal?  Count out 8 weeks and see where you will be..what will be happening in your life?
​​​​​​​It will be here before you know it…

What is your 8 week target?  Write me back and let me know.  If you want to join me to do the 8 week program, I would love the support and to help you with your goals too!

​​​​​​​Let me know and we can chat about it.

Until tomorrow,