And her  name is…


Bonny Bear!   We honestly were almost committed to Donut until we met her.   I have never met a dog that looks more like a teddy bear or is so pretty.  So thus, Bonny (Scottish for pretty) Bear.   Bonny for short.  The D streak is broken.

So quick puppy update.  She is sweet and mild temperament but not scared or timid.  She sleeps a lot, except her first night in her crate.  She cried most of the night.   Her crate is in my room btw.

I remember from Diesel and Daisy how crate training works.  I know she will be ok in a few days.

Daisy is not thrilled.  She doesn’t like to look at her.  Daisy gave her a few sniffs and a few tail wags but mostly ignored her and snarled a few times when Bonny visited at unwanted times.

I know Daisy will be ok in a few days too.  At least I hope so.  Any suggestions would be awesome.

So quick baby update… haha…yes I’m crazy.  We got a puppy the same week I started my third trimester of pregnancy.  But, if you have been following along throughout the journal, you know it was strategically planned after losing our sweet old dog Diesel.

Today is my 27 week check up!  After today, I go every 2 weeks rather than every month.  The baby is now big enough to kick me in my ribs, turn my belly button inside out and somehow make my skin itch all over.

I didn’t get to workout much last week with travel, so that anxious feeling of getting “back to it” is loud in my ears.   It always pops up and threatens with the voice of “its going to feel hard” or even worse “what if you never go back?”

I will get back to it this week, but just wanted to share that voice lives in my head too.

Ok, I’m off to drink some coffee.  I need it after last night’s lack of sleep.  Don’t worry…Bonny is recharging…passed out on the couch next to me.

Until tomorrow,