Round and round


Today is baby girl’s official due date.  Despite all of the pre-labor symptoms going down for the last week, she is content to stay in a little longer.

Last week I progressively felt worse.  I thought this might be a sign that labor was coming, but…. nope.

Saturday I woke up and said to myself… I better stock up.  I ordered a huge load of groceries for the boys.  Fruits, veggies, meats, snacks… all sorts of good things.    I thought…”This will last a while and give them lots to eat when I go into the hospital.”

Welp… baby girl is taking her time, but my boys on the other hand are in full speed “EAT” mode.    I think they may secretly have a plan to eat $250 worth of groceries before I go into labor.

They have already crushed a huge amount of what I bought.  An entire container of blueberries…almost gone.   Raspberries….gone.   Bananas…gone.   2 packages of chicken skewers….gone.   Pirate booty…gone.

I don’t mind that they eat it, I just can’t believe they are eating it so fast.  It seems to be the same way with cleaning right now.  I clean something, get everything put away, feel like….yup it’s ready.  And then I turn around and it’s a huge mess again.

That’s pretty standard life I think, but the anticipation of… “better get this done because I’m going into labor soon” is starting to feel like a crazy ferris wheel.   It seems possible I may never go into labor.

So that is my update for now.  Belly growing, groceries diminishing and house in perpetual puppy- kid – life chaos.

Until tomorrow.


P.S.  Henry just told me there is nothing to eat in the house and he is going to starve every day until lunch.