Weight Gain

Wednesday I had my check up at the baby doctor.  All is well.  I didn’t get to see her, but I heard her heartbeat and she was moving around quite a bit.   Next week I have my 20 week anatomy ultrasound and I will be able to actually see her.

Lately, Henry has been coming up and hugging my belly.  He can’t wait until he can feel her move.   Both boys are excited about having a baby sister…but Henry is over the moon.

I haven’t been on the scale since my last appointment, and when I stepped on Wednesday afternoon, I wasn’t thrilled.   I’m sure flying 8+ hours the day before and traveling all weekend didn’t help.  But according to that scale (I don’t like to give it full legitimacy …lol), I gained 10 pounds since my last check up 5 weeks prior.

I don’t have a “weight” destination in mind….just a healthy pregnancy.  But 10 pounds…dang!

I sat down next to my good friend and doula and was like, “what the hell?”   I’ve been exercising 5 days/ week and eating about 85% really great choices… why is my body doing this?

In that moment… I was pretty annoyed with my body.   I’m sure you’ve felt this too at some point.  Best efforts in one direction and body just does something else.

Then my friend reassured me that my body is gaining the weight it needs for the baby….everyone is different and it doesn’t mean I’m not doing a good job.   I may do everything right and still gain 50 pounds.

Ugh. That’s a startling reality check.

Moments later… I felt baby girl move and was distracted by the class.  (Group appointment by the way… I explain in a past journal entry) I felt better and was grateful she is doing well.

Isn’t it funny that even when you know certain things are true, it is still hard to see yourself clearly.  I guess that is the primary reason I coach others…. to be that person for them.

Glad I have people in my life to give me that reality perspective and encouragement.

Until tomorrow.