Color Bomb War

In about an hour, the boys and I are going to take some pictures to announce the gender of the baby.   I am probably a crazy person, but I got 3 smoke rockets for each of us to shoot.

Pretty sure giving a 10 year old and an almost 8 year old a smoke rocket is a brilliant plan for a flawlessly timed picture….and potentially colorful tears.

Excited to share the gender with you guys soon because people keep asking and I am a terrible secret keeper.

Tomorrow the boys are back to school.  Unlike many parts of the country, we got an extended break.  Just long enough for my boys to literally lose their minds.

Tomorrow I am starting something new too.   Not only am I coaching my 8 week program, but I am also going to be doing my 8 week program personally.  After the holidays, I am ready for a cleanup like everyone else.   Although my personal goal won’t be weight loss, my goal will be to feel my best and have some structure and accountability.  Yes, I need that too.

I’m excited to eliminate some of the nonsense that snuck in during November and December and add back some structure.
Plus, I am always more successful when I do things with a group.
In 8, weeks I’ll be 26 weeks pregnant…almost to the third trimester…so this is perfect timing for me.   Where will you be 8 weeks from now?

Until tomorrow…