I am hoping if I drink a cup of coffee I will poop.   Outside of pregnancy I don’t struggle with constipation.  But I guess the combination of travel and pre-natals and building a new human = No #2.

Nobody likes that equation.

This happened on my Maryland trip too.

I’m trying all of the nutrition tricks I know.  More fiber, less fiber, more fat, more greens, lots of water.


Sorry to start your morning with poop talk.

In a few hours I am preparing to give a nutrition talk at a gym here in Arizona.  One positive of the constipation is I look slightly more pregnant and a little less like I had too many donuts or beers.

On this trip I’ve done a great job of drinking water, had mostly healthy snacks and very reasonable meals.   But I haven’t gotten even 1 workout in and I can really feel it.

After today’s seminar, I am going to do something to make me sweat.  I’m telling you so I’ll commit to doing it.

Maybe the exercise will help with other issue too.

Until tomorrow.